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Welcome to our support portal Panacea Life Sciences 3rd Party Clinical Trials

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is HealX made?


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  2. What products help with what symptoms?


    Tru-Relief balm directly on the area of the pain and Heighten Soft Gels for general pain relief. Note that Xpress also works well to help with pain.


    Xpress sublingual tablets and Tru-Relief healing balm


    Both Xpress and Heighten should be effective in reducing sciatica if this is a condition caused by inflammation/muscle spasm in the lumbar area. In these cases, the CBD/hemp oil must be taken for at least 5 days at elevated doses to reduce the condition symptoms. Note that if this caused by a mechanical issue such as a bulging or ruptured disc, these treatments will not be as effective in reducing pain.

    Sleep disorders and those with sleep issues

    From our current customers, Heighten works best for assisting with sleep disorders. Take one heighten an hour before you wish to go to sleep.


    CBD has been reported to normalize thyroid hormone secretion, meaning that for those with an underactive thyroid the thyroid is stimulated to release more hormone, and for over active, reported to decrease hormone secretion. We strongly recommend that the patient’s physician be consulted if using the product, in this case Xpress, to assist in thyroid homeostasis.


    That is a tough one. We do not want to provide false hope here but there have been some patients that have responded using full spectrum hemp oil and the Rick Simpson protocol.

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  3. What is the exact list of countries you’ve already shipped to with no problem and any countries you’ve had problems with?

    Each country has specific rules and regulations that need to be followed to ship products. We have worked through permits and procedures to ship our products to Canada, Mexico, Italy, and are currently working on China and Australia. Australia has been quite challenging to work through the process.

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  4. Does HealX have a product that is safe for cats? Will there be a feline HealX product?

    The XPress sublingual tablet cut in half will work but we are working on a feline product.

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  5. What time of day is best to take any of the products?

    You can take XPress and Yummies morning or night. Heighten and Golden may produce a sense of calming so may be best to take in the evening. Apply Tru-Relief any time as needed.

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  6. How many products in the HealX brand?

    Currently, there are 6, but as the brand develops others will be introduced.

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  7. Is it Organic?

    Our products use all-natural ingredients, with most if not all, certified organic. We work with selected growers here in Colorado to ensure our hemp is grown using organic standards, so when the USDA restarts their hemp certification program, we will be in good position to have the Certified Organic on our label.

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  8. Why is the HealX brand better than other brands on the market?

    The quality that goes into each one of the products. Scientifically driven, medically focused...the oils are as pure as can be and we are vertically integrated, from plant to product all done under one roof. What we say is on the label IS what’s in the product. We stand behind every product every day.

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Latest Questions

  1. What makes your products have the highest bioavailability?

    First, XPress is a sublingual delivery that provides 85-95% absorption into the body as long as the patient does not drink water for some time after taking. Absorption is calculated (similar to below) from compounds that have similar chemical profiles to CBD. We are confirming this by clinical studies in early 2019.

    Second, for the Heighten soft gels, we add Kolliphor HS-15 which helps more of the CBD to be absorbed into the body through the intestine and protects against liver breakdown. This approach works because of the safe nature of HS-15 and that it demonstrated a 6-7 fold boost in BioA over molecules similar to CBD.

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  2. What is in the berry flavor? Is it natural or synthetic?


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  3. What are the natural flavors?

    All our natural flavors are fresh-squeezed fruit, and we have all the documentation.

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  4. What is Kolliphor HS-15 and is it a GMO soy-based product?

    Kolliphor HS-15 is a compound that helps to solubilize CBD and aids in increasing the bioavailability of cannabinoids, meaning how much is absorbed by the body. No it is not a soy-based product.

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  5. Is the camphor natural or synthetic?


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  6. Are these the truly "natural flavors" or the natural flavors with artificial flavors in them? For the gummies [Yummies] and XPress?

    Flavors are natural.

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  7. In the 2nd FAQ for HealX, it asks about Bovine gelatin. I would not keep the mention of Kosher or Halal, unless it is Certified Kosher or Halal.....and will have that certification stamp in the containers. Bovine (cow) is not Kosher or Halal unless the proper slaughter process is followed for the animal used for that gelatin ingredient. Thoughts?

    Completely agree here. The reason this question was brought up is why we have chosen the bovine gelatin as opposed to other capsule gelatin sources. We have consulted with both Kosher and Halal certification organizations to ensure that when and if we decide to work through certification that our processes and ingredients are suitable. At this point we make no claims regarding Kosher or Halal certifications.

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  8. Can I give my pets the human grade products?


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